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Enduring the harsh climate has made our pure water and powerful herbs even stronger than nature intended. In the same way, the harshness has formed the character of our people to embody the warrior spirit of the North, the spirit that brings confidence, wisdom, and courage – the spirit that brings us together. It’s the spirit of Valhalla.

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Valhalla is a bold herb liqueur combining Nordic herbs with ancient Scandinavian mythology. It’s where the rugged spirit of the North meets smooth indulgence in a natural way.

Developed and produced in Finland using the iconic Koskenkorva grain spirit as the base and a mix of local herbs, Valhalla offers a unique taste experience.


The dramatic temperature and light variations in the North create a unique environment for plant growth. As the seasons change, plants must adapt to survive. Herbs of the North form complex aromatic compounds, particularly bitter and acidic ones, making them unique.

The carefully selected, extracted, and distilled herbs used in Valhalla result in a worthy combination of citrus, bitter herbs, and spices rounded with liquorice root. Valhalla is strong, gently bitter, sweet, rough, and complex herb liqueur with a fresh aftertaste.

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Valhalla's bitter taste profile extracted from various herbs is built on a delightful round base, which makes it suitable for enjoying both plain or as a blended cocktail, ice cold or in room temperature. Enjoy it as a shot or on the rocks, and pair it with sweet liquorice or dark chocolate for a tasty evening treat.


Depending on market, Valhalla is available in the following sizes (cl): 4, 50, 70, 100

Valhalla Herb Shot 100cl bottle

Valhalla 100 cl

Herb shot from the North

(only in Germany)

Valhalla Herb Shot 70 cl

Valhalla 70 cl

Big brother to the popular herb shot from the North

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(only in Germany)

Valhalla Herb Shot 50 cl square

Valhalla 50 cl

Herb shot from the North

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(only in Germany)

Valhalla Miniature 4 cl

Valhalla Miniature 4 cl

The popular herb shot from the North in a mini bottle!

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(only in Germany)

Valhalla 20 cl square

Valhalla 20 cl

Pocket-sized herb shot from the North.

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(only in Germany)


Valhalla offers a taste of the legends of our heritage, combined with a blend of local herbs and bitters said to carry powers beyond this world. The herbs we use to craft our spirit have historically been used to heal both mind - and soul. Learn about the three main herbs used in Valhalla below.

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The aromatic Angelica is part of the parsley family, carrying a bitter flavour, string aroma and healing properties. But the legends surrounding it tell an even more intriguing story. Angelica was called out as a cure of the plague, by an angel in a dream. It is also said to have been used to keep evil spirits and witchcraft at bay – being referred to as “The root of the Holy Ghost”. Still today Angelica is used for remedial purposes for colds, coughs and rheumatism, as well as flavouring liquor and spirits.


Today, Artemesia is known to add bitterness to liquor, food, tea, wine and vermouth. However, the legend holds a different story and speaks about the remedial purposes of the herb, said to help blood circulation, indigestion, gastric pain and heartburn. Famous for its prominent role in the spirit Absinthe, Artemesia is also said to induce lucid dreams, psychic abilities and to open one’s mind. Myth or fact? We will leave that up to you.



The blossoming Achillea is a bitter, peppery plant, commonly known as a healing herb. The bitter taste stimulates digestion, thus often used in teas and for curing stomach bugs. Its legends tell that Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War, would carry the herb to staunch the bleeding wounds of his army in battles.


Valhalla is sold in selected web shops in most of the European markets. We hope to make our way to even more countries in the near future!

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